Join us for "Introduction to Golf" and Learn the Game for a Lifetime

We have 5 week sessions designed to introduce or reintroduce golfers to the game. Sessions are held every Thursday at 5:00 PM and Saturday at 12:00 PM. Students may attend any of these available sessions each week.

The program is designed for skills development as well as on course experience. Each Class spends some time on the practice areas learning the skill application and the remaining time on the course in a team scramble format to learn the application of the skill in GAME PLAY situations.  

2018 Dates

1st Session

  • Thursday Clinics • February 8th-March 8th
  • Saturday Clinics • February 10th-March 10th

2nd Session

  • Thursday Clinics • March 29th - April 26th
  • Saturday Clinics • March 31st - April 28th

3rd Session

  • Thursday Clinics • May 17th - June 14th
  • Saturday Clinics • May 19th - June 4th

4th Session

  • Thursday Clinics • July 5th - August 2nd
  • Saturday Clinics • July 7th - August 4th

5th Session

  • Thursday Clinics • Aug 30th - Sep 27th
  • Saturday Clinics • Sep 1st - Sep 29th

6th Session

  • Thursday Clinics • Oct 25th - Nov 22nd
  • Saturday Clinics • Oct 27th - Nov 24th

7th Session

  • Thursday Clinics • Dec 13th - Jan 10th
  • Saturday Clinics • Dec 15th - Jan 12th

Class Curriculum:

  • Class I –   Putting (Putting Fundamentals Basics – On Course Play and Understanding of Etiquette and Rules on the Putting Green.)
  • Class II –  Chipping (Basic Fundamentals – On Course Play with the Combination of Game Play Pitching and Putting.)
  • Class III – Pitching (Basic Fundamentals of Pitching – On Course Play with the Combination of previous applicable skills.)
  • Class IV -  Full Swing Irons (Basic Fundamentals of the Full Swing w/Irons – On Course Play with the Combination of previous applicable skills.)
  • Class V –   Full Swing Driver (Basic Fundamentals of the Full Swing w/Driver – On Course Play with the Combination of previous applicable skills.)

Following the completion of each session students will graduate and are invited to continue their skills development in a series of 3 Hole Scramble Events. Participation in the Scramble Events Series is only $18 and is held Thursday at 4 PM on the following dates subject to course availability.

For more information or to sign up for a session please contact KC Lim at (210) 359-0000.


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